You can call me RUTH or RHIANNA but i prefer WRAWRA.
Iam a wife and a mother. Having  born in malawi  up to my early  teen age handled my teenage  in London by myself i had to grow fast and Mature real quick. Beauty became  a huge part of my life. It was central london where I found my true love for skincare and beauty.
I worked as a beauty consultant and beauty advisor for  many many years, and i loved and enjoyed it.
I am a peoples person who loves challenges in everyday day life..otherwise i easily get bored.I learned alot in the beauty industry & i realised,i could turn my dream into reality... my moto is "life is what you make it".
Always had a burning desire to do my own thing and share my passion for beauty,skincare ,skin stinkers (fragrance)etc,.I have studied the skin with a passion.
 I have an amazing HUSBAND who is very supportive of my work,he shares my vision and helps with my work.
 The day i realise the meaning of chemical and synthetic products  engridients was the day Wrawra was born.Yes chemical  products gives quick result, i'm not gonna lie, but also... ruins your skin as some of them  are way too harsh for human skin.
Also I have  always followed a holistic way of life.  doing exercises, most days, eating clean food and feeding my skin from within as they say you are what you eat. Long story short I would now love to share my knowledge & my  advanced and sophisticated 100% natural products made with love ..! PLEASE LETS CHAT SOME MORE ...VISIT MY CONSULTATION PAGE.